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            How do I provision a 4G LTE CAT3 modem on Verizon?

            1) First activate a data plan by using the modem's IMEI and SIM card IC ID at or contacting your Verizon M2M sales representative.

            2) Once the line of service is active, you must get the APN assigned to the line of service.  This can be obtained from Verizon.
            3) Set the APN into the 3rd PDP context slot in the modem with the following AT command:
            AT+CGDCONT=3, “IP”, “APN.FROM.VERIZON”
            if you activated using the default APN is:

            or you can have the modem request the correct APN from the network with this command:

            After you see #DREL, then issue this command and send the response:

            Public Static IP addresses provided by NimbeLink should use the APN: MW01.VZWSTATIC
            All other APNs should use: VZWINTERNET unless told otherwise by NimbeLink or Verizon

            For more details, please review the Skywire Development User Manual sections 2.11-2.14.
            Updated: 21 Nov 2016 01:32 AM
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